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Can I Ask

Share in a safe space to a considerate ear.

Can I ask you this?
Just an hour of your time.
An hour of unashamed, brutal honesty.
Honesty you keep hidden from the world.
Honesty plagued with longing for understanding.
Honesty that is known only by you.
Those thoughts of yours that make you feel vulnerable,
and that fear your mind accommodates and keeps in hiding

Take a moment to share.
Share in a safe space to a considerate ear.
Where vulnerability meets non-judgement,
to an open mind, to a safe haven.
to someone who will listen

That exterior of toughness you portray
infused with something fragile.
That lovable barrier of humour you illustrate
shielding worries in existence.
That careless attitude you present
discouraging certain feelings you’re too scared to have.

All I ask is this,
just an hour of your time.
An hour to understand your mind,
to discover those undisguised thoughts
that you keep hidden in fear.
For that one hour
you can be your raw self,
your brave self,

in front of someone who will listen.
Someone who won’t think twice
about the marvellous person that you are.