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Date Someone Better Than You

Date someone who you are afraid to fall in love with.

Don’t find your equal.

Why would you when you can find someone who is twice the person you are—with more kindness around their little finger than you will ever have in a lifetime?

Date someone who you are afraid to fall in love with. Not because they might hurt you, but because they might not.

The prospect of being with someone who might lead you to happiness will scare you, but let it.

Let them strike fear in your heart. Let anxiety ruminate in your thoughts as they confess their love for the first time. Because you believe they are batting below their average, and you will never be half the person they are, no matter how hard you try.

Be insecure. More than you have ever been in your life. Ask them why they chose you in the first place and listen to their reasons.

Because you have a nice smile, they will tell you. But their smile shines brighter than a full moon in the desert, and yours seem like its dull reflection off the sand.

Because you make me laugh, they’ll say. But the stitches in your stomach as you roll over in bed laughing on the phone remind you that they will always be funnier, wittier, faster on their feet.

Because you make me happy.

Catch yourself looking at them when they make a sandwich. Listen to them hum nondescript show tunes that you could never quite make out. Fall for the little things that they do because you can find constellations in the mess of their routines.

Share their cute messages with your friends, but leave the deeper ones only with you. Because peppered in your conversations will be compliments made to love yourself, and you have somehow forgotten how to.

You see, you might think you deserve the world.

But love someone who is the universe. Someone who holds so many planets and stars that they are brimming with a brilliance you can never compete with.

You will see them radiate with such light that you will fall in the darkness of your own consternation.

Let every warm hug be a reminder that they burn with more flames, and make every kiss something you think you don’t deserve.

One night you will retrieve a box of your insecurities and open it under a blanket of fear. They will make you rethink what you are worthy of, because suddenly you realize that after all the lives you have walked out of, this is a life you cannot imagine saying goodbye to.

You’ll begin to examine your flaws with more disappointment than ever before. Suddenly you are not nice enough, not smart enough, not great enough—even though only months before you thought you were.

Date someone whose existence makes you want to improve yours.

Because they are the ones who think you are the universe while they are merely a comet passing through.