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Dear Mr. Trump

This may sound like an apology, but it isn’t for you.

First off, congratulations. I suppose now I would have to say the oxymoron that is President Trump.

You will now be the leader of 318 million people; a populace that is made up of men, women, transgenders, Caucasians, Natives, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, Asians, Africans, and every other shade of brown. Unfortunately, you do not respect anyone that doesn’t look like you, and that worries me. It’s no surprise that I (someone who comes from the most Muslim populated country in the world) am not a very big fan of you.

But I want to tell you what I’ve learned.

Time and time again, you would let a waterfall of nonsense cascade from your orange-tinted lips. Yet, it only made you more commendable in the eyes of your voters—people who made up nearly half the country. I watched as you managed to get away with mocking the disabled, Muslims, Hispanics, climate change, and the incumbent president. The obscenities you used to describe women, the way you made such a flippant comment about a reporter’s period, and your indecent admiration for your own daughter’s sexuality, these are things that made you even more powerful. You were applauded, and not only that, you were respected for telling the truth.

For some reason, they liked you. And the worse you became, the more they were enamored by your rhetoric.

It gave me a shocking realization that the halcyon years of Obama’s America only seemed beautiful to me because I sided with his views. I cheered at his predilection for gay marriage, immigration reforms, and his stance regarding Roe v Wade. I saw my views in him, but perhaps this progression had left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of millions of Americans. And now the rest of the population, who were buried under the liberal views of the younger generation for years, have revolted.

And you, Mr. Trump, have managed to say every single thing they’ve ever thought of on an international platform and lived. The same way so many people saw themselves in Obama, millions of Americans saw themselves in you. 

For the rest of the nation, you are what they’ve been waiting for. A leader who feared the same immigrants they did, who spoke the same way they did, who missed the good old days of Whiter America. Your policies and promises are empty and delusional, so your voters did not choose you for your ability to run the oval office. No, they chose you because you represented them. And for eight years they watched as someone they did not vote—or regretted voting—made changes that they were very much opposed to. They watched as America became more colorful, both in love and in people, and they despised it.

But it was wholly their right to despise it, it’s just that we had always oppressed their freedom to feel.

2016 isn’t the year when America made a mistake, it’s the year when they finally made a statement; a truthful bomb that shook the world.

The shock was seeing the unprecedented number of people whose fundamental beliefs were so far removed from ours. We finally saw that all this time so many Americans were unhappy with the liberal change and the way things were run, and instead of finally listening to their woes, we berated them for it.

When you were elected president, my social media feed drowned in our own tears. We were trying to pat each other’s backs, reassuring one another that there might still be good in the world, even if it doesn’t reside in the White House. But what these Clinton-supporting friends of mine didn’t do is understand the perspective of your voters. Voting for you was unfathomable to us, and that’s the problem. We see you like cancer; a disease that should be taken out before it metastasizes. But to them, you’re the antidote; the injection America needed to rid itself of all the secrets, corruption, and left-wing propaganda. We continued to wallow in our liberal echo chamber without empathizing for the other side.

The government was made to represent the people, and it has now justly done so.

Mr. Trump, this may sound like an apology, but it isn’t for you. You are still a vile human being whose authoritarian views are archaic and naive, but I owe an apology to your supporters. Even though they have been an absolute mare to watch and argue with, they still have the right to express their discontent with the current system. We have policed their voices in favor of ours, and even if those voices are tarnished with racist and sexist insults, it’s still their right to be heard.

But we hear them now, Mr. Trump. Loud and clear.

Seeing America now is like seeing the other side of the coin after flipping Heads for far too long. They exist and deserve to exist as much as the rest of us, even if I do say that with a clenched fist. Although I don’t agree with you or the incessant diatribe of your followers, I must remind myself that not everyone should share my views, for not everyone has lived the same way I have.

President Trump, I hope you will lead the country with any shred of human decency you can find within yourself. The people have spoken, now the onus is on you to mold the nation into the America they’ve always wanted. 

Someone who would’ve voted for Bernie Sanders.