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Our Story: A Recipe

Add 1/4 cup of synthetic courage and wait until they kiss.

For the Girl, part I:

1 summer fling
18 years of age
A handful of dried humor
8 cups of awkward
1 iPhone 4
1 single bedroom dorm in A’Beckett Street
13 whole sadness

For the Boy, part I:

23 years of age
1 return ticket to London
1 old cell phone, preferably camera-free
9 slices of natural shyness
1/4 cup of synthetic courage
1 single bedroom dorm in A’Beckett Street
1 university exchange program
6 weeks in Australia

Remove the Girl from Jakarta, Indonesia at the tender age of 16 and place her in a dorm in Melbourne, Australia. Let her simmer in a large single room, this will allow her to find herself. She will start university, make friends, and marinate in this newfound freedom.

At 17, return the Girl back to Jakarta for a month and bring her to a boil with a cute high school senior. Let her learn what it feels like to be showered with affection. This will be a turning point in her life, because until then, she didn’t know she was worthy of honest admiration. Reduce the heat to low and put her back in her Melbourne dorm. Wait until she turns 18.

Meanwhile, bring the Boy to Melbourne with a large suitcase and unrealistic dreams of debauchery. He has never been outside of England before, so allow time to recover. Place him in a co-ed dorm room in the middle of the city, 54 minutes from the hospital where he will be interning for the next 6 weeks. Set aside the 1/4 cup of synthetic courage, this will come in handy soon.

Mix the Boy and the Girl with half a dozen friends from the dorm for dinner and allow to mingle. There will be no sparks, but don’t worry, it takes time. They exchange numbers.

Throughout the week, the Boy asks her out to dinner 3 times, and she says no 3 times. When she finally says yes, transfer her and the Boy to a rooftop bar. Add the 1/4 cup of synthetic courage and wait. Let him hold her hand. This will continue for two hours until they kiss.

Allow for 6 weeks of innocent romance between the Boy and the Girl. Let the pot brim with texts, cuddles, Polaroid pictures and sharp jokes. On his last night, make sure you add in love—the secret ingredient—and lots of it. Make his return to London a painful one and put sadness in the Girl. Both will remain in touch for one month until they naturally weaken and separate.

Serve cold and garnish with sombre memories.

For the Girl, part II:

1 current boyfriend
1 breakup (when necessary)
11 million Jakartans
1 university degree
30 days in a new job
13 cups of excitement
1 return ticket to Bali

For the Boy, part II:

1 ex-girlfriend
2 universities
1 one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia
4 oz. hatred for Plymouth
3/4 cup of hope
A plethora of Whatsapp messages
16 stems of happiness
1 return ticket to Bali

14 slices of Falling in Love
4200 hours of Skype calls (Facetime can be used as an alternative)
1 return ticket to Singapore
1 return ticket to Sydney
1 return ticket to Jakarta
1 one-way ticket to Sydney

Soak the Girl in Jakarta for 60 days; this is enough for her to despise the city. Every day, add a dash of her current boyfriend. This allows her to rest easy. At the same time, give the Boy a job and a ticket to Australia.

During the day, let the Boy text the Girl; 3 years after they last spoke. She will not remember him or his number, but when he reveals who he is, add 2 cups of excitement. This is the beginning of their friendship, both aware that the Girl still has 1 current boyfriend. Add 200 Whatsapp messages until the Girl has to make a decision. Bring to high heat and place 1 breakup between the Girl and current boyfriend. Leave her to marinate in tears for 72 hours.

Once the tears have dried up, stir the Boy and the Girl together. Strain their past so they can sift through them and relive good times. Add 4 cups of excitement and 3 slices of Falling in Love. This is important, do not miss this step.

Finally, remove the Boy from England and place him in Sydney. He makes friends and starts work in a country where he had his first summer fling so long ago. Add 4 stems of happiness. Give the Boy and the Girl a chance to meet again since their last rendezvous in Melbourne. Let them simmer in Bali and wait for the shyness to settle; this might take more than 24 hours. Once the shyness has dissolved, add another 4 slices of Falling in Love and let it soak while they get reacquainted in the island of the gods.

Throughout the course of a year, add return tickets to Singapore, Sydney, and Jakarta. This strengthens the relationship on top of frequent Skype calls. Finally, move the Girl to Sydney and combine her with the Boy so the flavors become more intense. The vibrant yet naive personality of the Girl compliments the level-headed and kind nature of the Boy. Add a pinch of hope and the rest of the stems of happiness.

Best served warm under the Australian sun.