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When An Artist Loves

When you love an artist, you will be loved back with art.

People love, but artists adore. There is an inexplicable satisfaction to dating an artist, but you’ll also carry a heavy burden. Because we feel a bit too much, and when we feel, we create, and when we create, we etch you onto this world. You will be immortalized in a song, a photograph, a painting, a story—your mistakes will be laid bare but your accomplishments revered. When you love an artist, you will be loved back with art.

When you date a musician, they will pull on your heartstrings, for they are used to making melodies out of broken instruments. You will hear your memories and relive it a thousand times. You’ll experience your first date in a different light when you hear them write poetry about it. Their voice will guide you to their soul. Just follow the notes, and you’ll find their world.

When you love a photographer, you are asking to be loved from every angle; your darkest side and your brightest. You will be their muse at 6AM, with your bed hair and pale skin. They will want to capture your expressions and preserve every second. The Earth spins too fast for them, and so they must hold on to their camera lens to see its beauty. They will want you to slow down to see what they see, and treat each moment like the ephemeral blessings they are.

When you fall for a painter, expect color in your life, but also expect shades darker than you’ve ever seen. Painters and draughtsmen are gods of canvas and paper; they recreate pain and happiness. They are a beautiful mess made of coffee breath and sleepless nights, with perpetually dirty clothes and fingernails caked with pigments. It’s hard work bearing their soul for you to see, and you will only know the crevices of their heart through every brush stroke.

When you’re enamored with a writer, you will learn to read them like a book, but not a very easy one. They are full of chapters with torn pages, and you’ll have to piece together what’s left. They will write about you; make you the main protagonist of a story or create a world with you in it. You will feel every spectrum of their emotions as they weave words around you. And they will resort to writing their apologies, because words spoken disappear with the wind, while ink stained on paper is carved more carefully.

Our emotions are like explosives in a wooden box, and everyone holds a lighter to our wick. When we love you, we will remember you even after you have left us. Because even though you will walk away with only memories, we will continue living with you in our canvases, instruments, and stories.

Besides, we can never forget the people that inspired us to create in the first place. That in itself is the most priceless gift you can leave us with.